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Put down your comments, suggestions, critics, and compliments of course. Your comments can help us to improve and develop our offer.

Garrett Lerner (04.10.2020., 13:07)

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Sebastian (01.10.2020., 9:35)

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stan writh (03.05.2020., 23:10)

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Woody Bouyounes (21.04.2017., 12:44)

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My family and I wanted to get our 1st experience sailing so we were looking around for the best service to introduce us to this lifestyle. We found a few companies near Zadar and after a thorough screening process, we decided to go for Inter-Yachting. We booked our trip in December for 1 week in April. Since the beginning, the Inter-yachting team was very reactive, professional and accommodating. They guided us through the entire process, provided us with good references before we got to Croatia so we could get most of our provisions organized and spend more time on the water. For a family that has not sailed for extended period of time, this experience needed to be relaxed and positive, and thanks to Dragan and his team, I could not have asked for better. We sailed Kristina, a 37’ Bavaria. She sailed well, was clean and easy to maneuver. The check-in process with the skipper was excellent as we walked through the systems and he advised us on areas to avoid and places to visit and eat, not to mention, the marina was amazing and clean. Now back to work, I am already planning our next trip and I will be definitely returning to Inter-Yachting but this time to rent a bigger boat for added experience. If looking to sail, then do not hesitate to go with Inter-Yachting, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for the Inter-Yachting team, the vacation of a lifetime.

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Plješivička 1, 10040 Zagreb, Croatia
P: +385 1 2993 352
P: +385 1 2989 484
F: +385 1 2993 347
M: +385 98 822 151

Guest book

Please, write your impressions in our guest book!
Put down your comments, suggestions, critics, and compliments of course. Your comments can help us to improve and develop our offer.

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Base informations

Our base is situated in Sukosan, Marina Dalmacija, 7 km south from Zadar. OFFICE: Opposite 6th pier there is new official administrative building of Marina Dalmacija, next to the restaurant. Our office is on the ground floor of the building
Check in: officialy at 16,00 h
Check out: 09:00 h

Social responsibility

Croatia without mines

Inter-Yachting has decided to support Foundation “Croatia without mines” by participating in collecting so needed money for remaining 840 km2 of mine suspiciously Croatian territory remained after the War.

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