About us: Inter-Yachting Croatia

We are very happy to be able to present you our charter company, which has been founded because of you and your pleasant stay on our sailing boats.

The members of our Company have a ten year charter experience and are at your disposal. The pleasure we gave our former guests on board our sailing boats and a comfortable, unforgettable holiday which they spent sailing with us stimulated us to enrich our fleet with brand new sailing boats.

We have magnificent sailing ships, ready for your pleasure on the waves of the most beautiful sea in world and the winds created for the exciting moments of sailing.

“Inter-Yachting” owns its agency in Zagreb, Plješivička 1. In Zagreb is also Head Office. Its nautical base, with the repair and maintenance shop, is in Sukošan in the marina “Dalmacija”.

Our sailing boats are anchored in the marina “Dalmacija” in Sukošan. Their modern equipment and comfortable interior offer you the holiday which you deserve and which you will enjoy.

In our base you will be welcomed by our kind and skilled staff ready to give you all the necessary information. They can also organize a safe leaving or sailing into the port and a possible service. There you can also rent some additional equipment.

We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

Special offer!


10% Early discount

Additionally discounts for repeated and new clients.


Yacht Length Cabins/ Berth+ Salon
BAVARIA Cruiser 51 2018 15,50 m 5/10+2
BAVARIA 50 2005 Franciska 14,99 m 5/10+1
Sun Odyssey 50 ds 2009 Samanta 14,75 m 4/8+2
Sun Odyssey 45 2007 Avi 13,72 m 4/8+2
Sun Odyssey 45 2007 Adriana 13,38 m 4/8+2
Bavaria 37 Cruiser 2015 Katarina 10,99 m 3/6+2
Bavaria 37 Cruiser 2015 Kristina 10,99 m 3/6+2


Motor boat Length Cabins/ Berth+ Salon
ADRIA 1002 2007 Motor 2*125 KS Karolina 10,60 3/6+1
ADRIA 1002 2010 Motor 2*125 KS Paulina 10,60 3/6+1


Clients Experiences!


Juray Petrik, Grand Canaria

“I am sailing since 1992 with various Charterer and there must be a Reason why I use to charter last 6 Years only with Interyachting!

It’s always a Pleasure to come year for year back to Sukosan to enjoy your Service, your Comptetence, your Profesionality, your beautiful Country and your Frendship.

Don’t want to talk about Travarica and Pelinkovac.”

Arpad Vajler, Budapest

“My first contact with Inter-Yachting agency was simply by accidentally in 2006 while I was looking for one of Sun Odyssey 35 for my family sailing. Then I didn’t have much sailor experience but boys gave me lots of useful information and advices. Since then I every year charter boat at Inter-Yachting and I become, sort of speaking, permanent guest.

Sukosan is situated at the middle of Adriatic coast, and in front of it islands are in sequence of 3 lines, so just in few hours you could visit a most beautiful destinations, islands and coves. Marina is big, spacious, and equipped with everything that one sailor needs.

Personnel of Inter-Yachting are kind, always willing to help, boats are excellent equipped and maintained, and so, there are all conditions for carefree holidays.”

Opportunity for new clients

What can we offer for new clients?

  • flexible discount
  • installment payments
  • online support


  • constant support during the charter, phone or in person
  • always adapting to new situations in order to provide benefits for the clients
  • quickly resolving customer inquiries
  • all information is always available upon request guest

Social responsibility - Croatia without mines

Inter-Yachting has decided to support Foundation “Croatia without mines” by participating in collecting so needed money for remaining 840 km2 of mine suspiciously Croatian territory remained after the War. There are really a lot’s of territory to be cleaned up but it takes time because that it is not simple procedure and also life of every pyrotechnics is on stake as well.

In the middle of 90’s Croatia has succeeded to take over supervision by its complete territory and after wards there was lots of remaining mines. Although Croatia is today safe country in all parts of traffic infrastructure, tourist destinations, and in general - areas used in everyday life, but still it couldn’t be completely free while all territory wouldn’t be cleaned up from mines remained from the War. And there are still lots of work.

According to Croatian Mine Action Center, mine suspiciously territory include 12 counties, 100 cities and municipalities polluted with mines and other unexploded deadly resources. Priority is to demine suspiciously agricultural areas, some inhabited locations and tourist attractive areas like national and nature parks where people and animals are in danger. According to Foundation one of potentially most vulnerable areas is Nature park “Kopacki rit”, and goal is to demine it completely as soon as possible.


  • BAVARIA Cruiser 51 2018 Jozefina
  • BAVARIA 50 2005 Franciska
  • Sun Odyssey 50 ds 2009 Samanta
  • Sun Odyssey 45 2007 Avi
  • Sun Odyssey 45 2007 Adriana
  • Bavaria 37 Cruiser 2015 Katarina -171 NG
  • Bavaria 37 Cruiser 2015 Kristina -172 NG
  • Motor boat
  • ADRIA 1002 2007 Motor 2*125 KS Karolina -74 NG
  • ADRIA 1002 2010 Motor& 2*125 KS Paulina -75 NG

Our clients who will charter our boats will be able to proudly return from their holidays knowing that they enjoyed and also contributed to the higher cause.

Do something nice for yourself and people that you love and at the same time make a good deed.

Ceremonially signing the donation for demining! Check it out!

Thank you!
Yours Inter-Yachting team